Friday, July 15, 2011

What's your fashion inspiration era? Style is influenced by pop culture, of course, but also by time period. Scarlett's favorite fashion era is the 1950's. The 1950's were all about wholesome poodle skirts and cat eye glasses. My favorite fashion era is the 1920's. All the girls bobbed their hair wore flapper style dresses (fringe dresses) and feather headbands.

Fashion in the 20th Century:
1930's- Many people didn't have money for food let alone fashion!
1940's- The 40's were a simple and elegant time. Strong shoulders, a defined waist and curled hair was in.
1960's- Marilyn was at the peak of her fame so blonde was the look. Also hemline became shorter.
1970's- Mini-skirts, bell bottoms, hippy peace signs and bright color was the epitome of fashion.

To be continued.....

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hey it's Scarlett and Dahlia. Dahlia recently went to Paris and took notes on fashion there specifically in Roberto Cavalli.

-contouring with sequins
-crocodile skin
-fur/feathers and other textures
-prints with jewels on top
-sparkly jeans
-restraint simple silhouette equals print and vice versa


Monday, April 11, 2011

Bikini Season!

Hey it's Dahlia! To make up for not posting in a while here's a (hopefully) interesting post filled with history and advice of bikinis or swimsuits.
  The modern bikini was invented by French engineer Louis RĂ©ard in 1946 (however there is evidence of bikini like garments back in 1400 BC). He named it after Bikini Island in the Pacific,. Since his competition Jacques Heim had called his bikini the Atome because of its size, Louis claimed to have made it even smaller (splitting the Atome so to speak). His invention was based on exposing the stomach, which was not available with earlier bathing suits.

                   Bikini Advice (though I am a newbie to the bikini world):
   Do wear prints, they look fab!
   Do wear halters.
   Do wear small cut outs. They show just enough.
   Don't forget a cover up. I usually wear a light dress.
   Don't skimp on sandals and always make that they're sturdy and don't clash with your cover up.
   Don't forget to have fun!

                                         Dahlia Bloom Blu and Scarlett Sand

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Your style!

We have talked about our style but now let's talk about yours!!! Here is a quiz for you to find the right style for YOU.

-Accessory Style
How many accessories do you have?
a. Do flip flops count?
b. Scarves, necklaces, earrings I have it all!
c. I have a normal amount of accessories.

-Likes and Dislikes
I like....
a. Black or solid colors
b. Trendy things right from Vogue
c. Classic pieces that mix and match

I dislike....
a. Make-up
b. Odd silhouettes
c. Bold prints

-Whats In Your Closet Right Now
a. Sweatshirts and yoga pants or another sports friendly outfit
b. Extravagant, feminine clothes
c. T-shirts and patched jeans 

a. Sporty, adventurous and low-maintenance
b. Fun, entertaining and girly
c. Cool and feisty

-Your Ideal Dress for any Occasion
a. A simple summer dress. No fuss needed
b. A long, sparkly dress
c. A little black dress with gorgeous jewelery.

Mostly As: You're obviously going for the natural look but don't be afraid of fashion!
Mostly Bs: Elegance is everything to you! But don't get stuck in rut. Being repetitive isn't in!
Mostly Cs: You understand fashion is an art form but you aren't obsessed with it either. Moderation is key! 
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                        Dahlia Bloom Blu and Scarlett Sand

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hey World! We're two tweens in Tuscany writing under the pseudonyms Dahlia Bloom Blu and Scarlett Sand. (Scarlett will write in Verdana and I will write in Courier) Our dream is to write for Vogue or another major magazine. We're ambitious, passionate and fashion savvy. We're here to help you. To transform your wardrobe and life style.
Fashion Influences
We both moved to Italy not so long ago and found fashion on every street. Usually: the high school kids go grunge with shorts over fish nets or skinny jeans paired with a vintage sweater and a puffy coat, the 25-45 year olds are generally sexy with stilettos and just-above-the-knee skirts, while the older women are reserved, wearing pantsuits and low heels.

Our Style
Scarlett's style is classic rock merged with vintage military. She leans towards tough styles because with her delicate features and long blond hair she can sometimes look a little "barbie." 

Dahlia's style is elegant but trendy, cute but professional. She loves wearing long tops or dresses over patched jeans. She has a ton of make-up and she knows many make-up tricks (expect more make-up tutorials).

Vogue Publish Our Articles!!!!!!!!
 Dahlia And Scarlett  :)